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About Gnalet

Gnalet is an app that simply links the geographical address of the user’s home, work place or preferred location to the cell phone number of the user. Gnalet lets its users find the location of their friends, family and clients via their Gnalet number. The cell phone number becomes the Gnalet number.

In other words, Gnalet is your Geographical Navigation Address Wallet that contains geographical address of your location and that of your friends, family and businesses. This app is like your normal wallet with your call cards and that of others with address information. The difference here is that Gnalet is a cloud version from which addresses are retrieved via mobile phone numbers.

Business Version

About Business Version

The business Version is used by businesses that want to find Gnalet user clients that have requested for their services. The Business Version app finds users whose privacy settings are set to Business, Public or have the Gnalet number of the business in their Gnalet address book.

For more information on becoming a business version user, contact

Which Businesses Need Gnalet

Businesses that want to find the client location via the client’s Gnalet number.

For Example :

  • Courier and postal companies
  • E-commerce site
  • Food Delivery services
  • Car Rental and Taxi services
  • Towing Companies
  • Home service providers


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About Us

Kenneth Owusu-Akyaw

Managing Director

Benjamin Offei Larbi

Graphics & Interface Designer

Patrick Owusu-Akyaw

Product Design Team Manager

Hawah Awuni

Marketing & Public Relations

we are a team of young proactive Ghanaians who want to make a change in our surrounding to enhance lives, one step at a time.


  • Abotsi link, East Legon, Accra
  • +233 26 124 0000
  • 0261240000 (work)
  • 0244203491 (work)



  • Which Mobile platforms does the App work on?
  • For now, android based devices only
  • How do I get my exact location?
  • Make sure your GPS location setting is enabled.
    When setting or dropping a pin on your location please make sure it is dropped at the entrance of your location so that the app’s map can determine the exact entry point to your location.
  • How do I make suggestions and complaints?
  • Please email to
  • How do I block other users from accessing my location?
  • Make your account privacy settings: private. Your Location is therefore only accessible by only users that you enter into your address book
  • Why renew annually?
  • This is to confirm and update our database that the user’s number and geographical coordinates linked to it are still valid and also to help the company cover its operations.
  • Do I have to always update my location?
  • No, Location updates are only required when you change your home, work or any location you set it to. This is similar to taking your address number that people know whenever you relocate.
  • What happens when I change my Device?
  • If user changes the device, then we will ask the user to login again using the password. Once successfully logged in, we will update the device ID with this new device.
  • What happens when I change my phone number?
  • If the user changes the phone number and if the previous phone number is now with a new user then we will ask the user to register and once registered we will create a new entry in Database with the new user's profile.
  • What happens when someone gets my old number with links to my locations on the Gnalet server?
  • The person would require your password and access to your email. Who would be giving it to him/her? Not us. We got you. ;-)
  • What happens if there is no road on the digital map to the location?
  • The good thing about gnalet is, even if there is no road to the location on the digital map but there is a road physically, one can follow that physical road to the Gnalet location.
  • Why use Gnalet over normal housing address?
  • • Because 10-digit cell phone numbers are easier to remember than full house addresses comprising of numbers, words and symbols etc.
    • With Gnalet, you can find the exact entrance of the location on the digital map.
    • When you relocate, you can still find on your gnalet number since you can always change the geographical coordinates of your location on the app
    • In street address system, Spelling of various English and ethnic names are difficult and confusing for people to spell or pronounce.
    • Not all streets and houses of newly developed areas are named and numbered.
    • Some streets have not yet been mapped but are physically in place. Gnalet still helps you find your destination
    • English speaking visitors in a country find it difficult to read, comprehend, pronounce the local names of the streets in the non-english speaking country and vice versa.

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